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Photos from our discussion on New Options for Portfolios

Below are some photos from last Wednesday’s event discussing new printing choices and custom binding options for photographers’ portfolios. Thank you to Maggie Soladay, for putting in her two cents on what works for her when calling in photographers’ portfolios as a photo editor, and to Judy Ivry for displaying her wonderful book bindings. And thank you for everyone who came out to the studio in the downpour!

Maggie discussed her experience as a photo editor, from calling in books to working with various photographers. Looking at printed portfolios allows her to easily see the quality of imagery that a particular photographer is capable of producing.

Photographers looked at portfolios that were printed with a digital, short-run press. Finally, there is an affordable option to using plastic sleeves or printing your portfolios at home on your desktop printer.

Judith Ivry, a bookbinder with twenty-five years experience, brought samples of books that she has bound for various artists. Working with a bookbinder yields  hand-crafted, custom choices for photographers who really want their book to stand out.

Rocky discussed the printing options that we now have available for photographers. He is holding a page from a portfolio we recently printed for Michel Leroy, who replaced his plastic sleeved portfolio pages with prints from the digital short-run press. He was able to use the existing post-binding portfolio covers he already had invested in, and produced five outstanding new portfolios for an affordable price.

If you missed this event, and you’re interested in seeing some portfolios options yourself, please contact us at the studio! We want to help more photographers GO SLEEVELESS!

Special guests announced for our New Options for Portfolios discussion!

After perfecting new production techniques for photographers’ portfolios, we are ready to show off some samples. Please join us on June 9th at 7pm for an informal discussion on the state of the photographer’s portfolio in the digital age, and to see some samples of printing and binding for yourself.

We are excited to announce that we will have two special guests for our round-table discussion:

Photo-editor/photographer/Salaam Garage workshop leader Maggie Soladay will offer her input on what she looks for when hiring photographers for editorial assignments. As a photo editor, Maggie sees hundreds of portfolios, both online and in print. As a result, she can offer useful insight into aspects of producing portfolios that every photographer should consider.

© Maggie Soladay

Bookbinder Judith Ivry will also join us, to show varieties of custom bookbinding and portfolio boxes that she has produced. Judy has been an independent bookbinder for over 25 years, offering the highest standards of binding for her clients. She works out of her studio in Manhattan, as well as teaching and lecturing about binding techniques.

From Judith Ivry's bookbindery

Please RSVP for the event here!

Directions to the studio, 119 8th Street (bet. 2nd and 3rd Aves in Brooklyn): We are located 2 blocks from the F, G, M or R trains at the 4th Avenue/9th Street stop. Upon exiting the subway station, walk down the hill on 9th street and turn right on 3rd Avenue. Walk one block and turn left on 8th Street. We on the right hand side of the street, at 119 8th Street, almost all the way at the end of the block towards 2nd Avenue. Dial 210 on the buzzer.

What is the state of YOUR printed photography portfolio?

We are busy preparing for our June 9 discussion in the studio about new options for printing photography portfolios.

We are excited to announce that photo editor/photographer/workshop leader (for SalaamGarage) Maggie Soladay will be a guest speaker, to offer her input on the state of the printed photography portfolio in the digital age. If you’ve given up on your portfolio in lieu of your website, think again. Print is king in the virtual age, and art buyers and photo editors know it.

Until June 9, we’re wondering: What is the state of YOUR portfolio? Are you endlessly revamping it? Printing it yourself? Using plastic-sleeves? Letting it gather dust while you post new projects on your website or blog? Do you have one precious copy, or multiple copies that you constantly send out to editors? Please leave a comment below!!!

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