Professional Quality

In an age where digital printing has become readily available, it’s important to consider what it is that makes working with established professionals, experienced in the fine art world, when it comes to digital imaging. Dot Editions has established a reputation of working with absolute integrity, stemming from the history of photography and traditional darkroom printing. Attention to detail, aesthetics, and a commitment to customer satisfaction have provided our clients with stunning results for nearly a decade.

Access to Resources

With over a decade of experience in fine art printing, and another twenty in the field of photography, has provided Rocky with a vast array of resources available to our clients in response to particular project needs and directions. Traditional darkroom printing, alternative printing processes, mounting, publishing, reproductions, etc… The list goes on to meet the demands of our clientele.

Paper has been around for centuries, and Dot Editions is familiar with the best papers the industry has to offer. Experienced in printing on photo, matte, watercolor, canvas, and a wide variety of specialty papers, Dot Editions is fully equipped with the knowledge and resources to meet the demands of your project.

Attention to Detail

Throughout each phase of a project, from individual prints to large exhibitions and portfolios, Dot Editions is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of integrity possible through a passionate attention to detail. The products speak for themselves, as they’ve been admired throughout the world stage and consistently met the demands of the fine art world. From file preparation to packaging, the work created in our studio is a constant reflection of our impeccable attention to detail and passion for the craft of fine art printing.